Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Let's write about reality for a little while, shall we?  I should, it's been a CRAZY summer, it seems.  And even though August is still new, it feels like fall is looming on the horizon.  I'm telling you, craziness.

But it does keep life adventurous.  And even though not every adventure is a fun one, it helps move time along, and as always, adversity brings experience.  I'd rather have fun and experience, but if experience is the best thing to draw out of a not-particularly-nice adventure, I'll take it.  I do find myself quite often these days saying, "I love-" and biting off the last word.  That'll get better too.

At least apartment hunting has been a good adventure.  Occasionally frustrating, and there have been some scary landpeople out there, but some neat places to live.  Cecily and I looked at an apartment building that was completely out of our price range, but the place had just been redone, and the owner was just keen to show it off.  She knew we weren't really able to live there, but it was really nice of her to let us tramp around all those gorgeous apartments.  If there had been a one bedroom left, we might've taken it, since the "one bedroom" apartments were really more like two or three room, but alas they were all taken.  The penthouse was very impressive, two floors to itself, four or five bedrooms, three bathrooms, giant kitchen, a balcony overlooking the semi-ballroom, and I just love the windows.  Of course, to live there, it would've been us...and at least six other people.  Sigh, some other time, perhaps.

Also, Cowtown approaches...oh boy, I am excited and nervous and all that.  This will be my first year in charge of the volunteers and last year went so well, that I hope I live up to at least that.  Everyone keeps telling me not to worry, and I'm trying not to...but there's always the anxiety that the whole thing will break because of me.  Irrational?  Totally.  But a little fear will probably keep me in check.

Other than that, summer's still kicking.  I should cook tonight.  Now there's an adventure.

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